And now regarding the philanthropic portion of your Filanthropik purchase:

We are partnered with two great organizations doing real good on the ground in Guatemala.  A portion of the proceeds from your purchase today will go towards funding one of these organizations.  We want you to feel like you have truly participated, so the choice is yours.  Please indicate to which organization you would like your money to go in the comment box at checkout.



CHOICE Humanitarian- For over 30 years now, CHOICE Humanitarian has used its unique model of "self development" and village empowerment in their efforts to fight the cycle of poverty.  The CHOICE model allows the organization to act as a facilitator of development and empowers the local communities to be the true instigators of their own development.  After identifying motivated communities through their Country Directors living in their respective countries, CHOICE works to facilitate a dialogue within the community to identify their needs, goals, and objectives.  When the community identifies those goals, CHOICE works to facilitate access to the resources and tools needed to achieve their desired objective.  The CHOICE model empowers the village to focus on a wide range of issues including the lack of health care, education, proper nutrition, access to water, and economic opportunity.  It is a long term commitment and approach with each village.

Here is just a little bit about what they have done in Guatemala:


CHOICE - Guatemala by the Numbers

  • Villages where CHOICE has worked: 17
  • Guatemalans directly impacted by CHOICE: 6,400
  • Guatemalans indirectly impacted by CHOICE: 13,600


Along with their standard model, CHOICE will identify "Critical Needs" among their partner villages. At this time in Guatemala, they are focusing on the need for adult literacy teachers. $100  pays the cost of hiring one teacher for one month.


When you choose CHOICE, a portion of your Filanthropik:Threads of Humanity purchase will go to CHOICE Humanitarian to help fund adult literacy courses in rural Guatemala.   


For more information on CHOICE Humanitarian please visit their website at

Mentors International-While it is one of the pioneer organizations in the world of microfinance, Mentors International is much more than a microlender.  Along with the loans, Mentors International provides mentors for each of their client entrepreneurs. These mentors work with the borrowers to train them on many of the intricacies of running a business, from accounting and finance to inventory and bringing products or services to market, Mentors is there as a resource for support and encouragement every step of the way.

The average loan through Mentors in 2014 was only $172 which might seem small to some but had an enormous impact on the individuals and families that work with Mentors International.


Some highlights from 2014:

  • 90% of Mentors' clients are women
  • 17,256 jobs were created by Mentors clients
  • Mentors has a default rate of only 1.62%
  • 92.8 cents of every dollar goes to the programs and services that provide these loans to clients

When you choose MENTORS, a portion of your Filanthropik:Threads of Humanity purchase will go towards the loan and mentoring support of an individual or group in Guatemala as they work to pull themselves and their families from the traps of extreme poverty.


For more information on Mentors International please visit their website at