What's in a name?

So, we are going to give this blog thingy a try. Since we started off telling you about how we got the idea we figured that we would continue in that vein and talk a little bit about our story and how we came to be. Today I want to share with you the story of our name Filanthropik: Threads of Humanity.


The truth is, coming up with a name for your business is hard. It is almost like naming your child, in more ways than one I guess. 

When we decided to do this we wanted to do it right. We knew we wanted a name that would communicate our mission and desire to do good.  I had a name that I thought would identify us well.


Quitapenas (pronounced Key-tah-PEH-nas) literally means takes away pains.  The Guatemalan quitapenas are traditional Mayan worry dolls.  The tradition is that parents would give these dolls to their children if they were scared or worried about something. The kids were told to share their fears and worries with these dolls and then put them under their pillows and the dolls would protect them and help them to sleep peacefully.  I loved the idea of having a name that was rooted in Mayan tradition and meaning.  I also liked the idea that it communicated, that through our little venture we would be doing our small part to take away the pains of poverty by providing jobs and income to our artisans as well as through our donations to our partners working to alleviate the pains of poverty in Guatemala. I figured we could even include a small quitapenas doll with every purchase! It would be perfect!  I was sold. You may have noticed that I have been using I a lot. Sandra was less than convinced. So I decided to test the name first. We posted it on Facebook to get feed back, and boy are we glad we did.


Sometimes, when you are too close to the subject, you are blinded by that closeness. We were ready to roll with our name but the feedback that we got was not good.  You see, we speak Spanish, so we knew how to pronounce it.  One of our friends pointed out that that is not the case for most of our audience, including himself.  He thought it was pronounced differently and actually thought it almost sounded vulgar. I will let you guess what how he was pronouncing it (or maybe you already thought the same thing :-S)


So, it was back to the drawing board.


Again, we wanted something that would communicate our mission. Sandra also wanted something that incorporated the idea of thread and weaving since our sandals and bags are all hand woven.  We looked at the word philanthropic, but figured we would have been lost in the crowd in a Google search.  She kept working on it. I went upstairs to finish getting ready for the day.  A few minutes later Sandra came upstairs with an idea.  See, the latin word for thread is filum. It is the root word for filament.  If we spelled philanthropic with an 'F' we could change its meaning to fit our needs even better.  We would be mixing the Latin, filum, and the Greek word for humanity, anthropos, to create a word that literally meant "Threads of humanity."


Sandra had done it. She nailed it. She had come up with a name that communicated our desire to do good along while also incorporating the symbolism of the threads that would make up our products.  We added the 'K' to continue with the unique spelling and we were ready to go!


So there you have it. Now you know the story and the meaning behind our name Filanthropik: Threads of Humanity.

Here are 20 tips from Vista Print on how to figure out a name for YOUR business.


Below you can see some of the evolutions of our logo.

1. The Filanthropic diamond logo. This was one of Sandra's very first attempts at creating a logo, before we switched the 'C' for a 'K'.

2. We were so excited when our artisan partners told us that they could put our logo into the shoes that they make for us! This is a picture of your FK stamp.

3. Our final logo came from fiverr.com, where you can get almost anything you want done starting at only $5! It incorporates our FK logo with a new font and the brightly colored band that represents the beautiful and bright weavings of Guatemala.


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